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   Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen  (Babylon, 1953 ) is a poet, journalist and translator who has degrees in Economics and English Literature from the University of Baghdad plus a Diploma of Interpreting (Arabic-English) from Adelaide Institute of TAFE, South Australia.


He has published 19 poetry collections in English and Arabic and won the major prize of Iraqi poetry in 1999. His poetry has been translated into many languages such as Italian, French,  Spanish and Urdu. And reviewed by many critics and published in 11 books. A huge number of articles have been written about his poetry style, and many researchers earned PhD and master degrees in the Universities of Iraq, Algeria, Iran and Tunisia.

    As a translator, he has translated into Arabic short stories and poems from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, China and the USA.

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen now lives in Australia as an Australian citizen. He was a special guest at Friendly Street Poets in Adelaide in 2004 and at the Gallery de la Catessen in Adelaide in 2006. His poetry has been published in The Best Australian Poems 2007 (edited by Peter Rose) and The Best Australian Poems 2012 (edited by John Tranter), on many Australian websites and in magazines and books, such as Southerly, Meanjin and Friendly Street Poets.

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

     Poet, journalist and translator.

    Born in Babylon- Iraq in 1953.

-     Graduated from University of Baghdad, College of Administration and Economics, Department of Economics 1976 (B.Sc degree in Economics).

      Graduated from University of Baghdad, College of Languages, Department of English 1999 (B.A. degree in English).

Diploma of Interpreting (Arabic- English) - Adelaide Institute of TAFE - State of South Australia - Australia 2005

   Member of General Union of Writers In Iraq

     Member of General Union of Arab Writers.

     Member of Federation of Arab Journalists.

   Member of International Organization of Journalists.

   Member of Iraqi translators Association.

     Member of South Australian Writers' Centre.

    Member of Friendly Street Poets - Adelaide - Australia.


      Wrote the following poetry collections :

                 Details (An-Najaf , Iraq 1976).

                 Arabic Collection (Baghdad,  Iraq 1981).

                 The letter J (Baghdad, Iraq 1989).

                 The letter N (Baghdad, Iraq 1993).

                 The News of Meaning (Baghdad, Iraq1996).


       The Dot (Baghdad Iraq, 1999). First edition

                 The Dot (Amman- Beirut, 2001). Second edition.

                 The letter H (Amman Beirut , 2002).

                 Before the Letter ..After the Dot (Amman, 2006).

                 The Tree of Letters (Amman Beirut , 2007).


Fatherhood - Seaview Press (Adelaide - Australia, 2009).

Forty Poems about the Letter (Amman, 2009).

Quaranta poesie sulla lettera , Forty Poems about the Letter (translated into Italian  by Dr  Asma Gherib),  Nuova Ipsa Editore,  (Italy , 2011)

ISBN 978-88-7676-463-9

I Say the Letter and I Mean My Fingers - Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc. (Beirut-

  Lebanon 2011).

Postions of the Letter A - Arab Scientific Publisher, Inc . Beirut -  Lebanon 2012


Something Wrong - Salmat press - Adelaide SA ,  Australia 2012

ISBN: 978-0-646-57253-6

: ( )



ѡ 2013 


The Letter and the Crow - Arab Scientific Publisher, Inc . Beirut -  Lebanon 2013

Sings of the Letter A - Difaf Publishing . Beirut - Lebanon 2014


  The Complete Poems of  Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen-  part 1 - Difaf Publishing . Beirut - Lebanon 2015

Last Dance of the Letter - Difaf Publishing - Beirut - Lebanon 2015


In the Mirror of the Letter - Difaf Publishing - Beirut - Lebanon 2016


  The Complete Poems of  Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen-  part 2 - Difaf Publishing , Beirut , Lebanon 2016

(The Letter and the drops of Love) "La Lettre et les gouttes de l'amour",  Laile ditions, FRANCE 2017

A Letter of Water, Difaf Publishing, Beirut, Lebanon 2017

(Gilgameshs tears and others poems) "Lagrimas de Gilgamesh y otros poemas"

Lastura , Spain 2017



 Won the major prize of Iraqi poetry in 1999.

-    Wrote many programs for Iraqi Radio (1991 1995) such as: Welcome; Poets from Iraq; Open Program; A letter and Five Characters; and 20 Minutes with

-   Worked as editor (1975) in many Iraqi magazines such as: Alef-Baa, Afaq Arabia and Asfar.


   His poetry was examined deeply by a huge number of  Iraqi, Arab and  Australian critics such as : Professor Aabdulwahed Muhammed, Professor Bushra Musa Saleh , Professor Abdelkader Fidouh, Hatem As-Sager  (Ph.D) , Mustafa Alkailani ( Ph.D.), Nadhim Auda (Ph.D), Hassan Nadhim (Ph.D), Hayet Khyari (Ph.D),  Migdad Rahim (Ph.D), Saleh Arrazzouk(Ph.D),  Najat Aluduani, Asma Gherib (Ph.D),  Professor Abdalazeez Almakalh, Heather Taylor Johnson (Ph.D)  and Anne-Marie Smith (Ph.D).

   His poetry was translated into English, Italian, German, French,  Persian and Kurdish.

-    Shared in many special poetic meetings in Babylon, Baghdad (Iraq), Amman (Jordan) and Townsville, Adelaide (Australia), Palermo (Italy), The Hagg  (Holland). And shared in many Iraqi, Arabic and International poetic festivals.

-     His poetry has been published in many Iraqi, Arabic, and Australian poetic anthologies.

-   Translated into Arabic language poems, short stories and articles by James Thurber, Alan Paton, William Saroyan, Rust Hills, Wallace Stevens, Murray Bail and by a large number of poets from Korea, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand and  the U.S.A.  


ISBN: 978-0-646-57253-6



Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen


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