In the Drug Addict’s Street


Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

From the balcony of my room overlooking
The street of the drunken, the drug addicted and the naked women,
I appear to my drunken audience every night
To speak to them about God,
And peace.
My audience were patient,
But they mocked at me when I left the balcony.
When I became seventy years old
One of them who was extremely drunk and violent
Shouted at me,
'You false prophet,
We got bored with your God
And your false words about him.
Show us a miracle,
You lying prophet!'
I got confused, trembled
And my throat dried.
I no longer saw anything
But my fingers extended to my heart,
Took from it a white bird
And threw it towards the audience.
The bird flew over the audience
Then rose higher and higher
Until the audience shouted with happiness.
And the one who damned me wept
When he saw my corpse collapsing on the ground.


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