My New Poem

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

I gave my new poem
With the fingers of confusion and desire
To the attractive woman seated beside me on the bus.
I said to her, 'Put the poem between the breasts
To find out her secret and eternal meaning.'
The attractive woman did not care about my words
And busied herself with her red handbag
And her small mobile, full of appointments.
Then I gave my new poem
To the child who played in the park.
I said to him, 'Play with her.
You can make of her a lot of toys
With the endless rainbow colors.'
The child cried and ran away.
Then I gave the poem to the river
I said to him, 'God was placed on earth,
Take her. It is also your daughter.
So bless her and uncover her eternal meaning, O eternal'.
But the river remained dreaming and dreaming,
Staring in the faraway distances
Without paying attention to my words.
Only the policeman approached me
Shouting in an ugly voice,
'What is in your hand?'
I said, 'A new poem.'
'What do you say in it?'
I said, 'Read her to discover her secret and meaning.'
He took her from me and entered his dark room,
To tie the poem to an iron chair,
To whip her with a long whip.
Then he hit her with the gun butt on her head.
The poem bled so many letters and more dots
Without admitting her secret and meaning.


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