Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen


When he got to the fortieth poem,
He decided to write it at sea.
So he went to the sea at night.
He did not find anyone,
But found a ship was about to sail,
So he shouted at the bearded captain
To take him,
But the bearded captain did not answer
Continuing smoking his pipe.
He shouted at the naked woman,
But she did not answer,
Remaining, looking at the frightening sea.
He shouted at the dog lying at her feet,
But the dog answered with barking.

The ship sailed.
He went running behind it like a mad man.
Then in anger he picked up a stone
Throwing it at the ship,
Breaking a window.
Which window?
Was it the captain's window?
Or the woman's window?
Or the dog's window?

This question that has been torturing him
For years and years
Since he returned from the sea!


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