Interesting, Strange, Amazing





Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen







* What is your name, O poet?

- My name is the bird.


- The fish.

* The fish?

- Yes.

* Interesting!


* What is the color of the sea, O poet?

- Ships and women.

* What is the color of freedom?

- Bread and salt.

* Bread and salt?

- Yes.

* Interesting!


How do you write?

- I enter in the letter

Wearing the secret of the letter,

Weeping, thinking, napping,

Dreaming, hallucinating, dancing and dying.

* And dying?

- Yes.

* Sad!


* The dot, how would you describe the dot?

- The dot is my mother and father.

* So, you spent your childhood with her?

- And I spent my boyhood,

Youth and my blind eon.

* Were you happy?

- Yes,

Because I lived in the center of the dot like the fish.

The dot was as a sea that extended and extended

To what God wanted.

* Did you see God?

- No.

* Why?

- Because God is a sun that speaks inside my heart.

* God is a sun that speaks inside your heart?

- Yes.

* Strange!


* Well how will you die?

- If the bird gets lost in the land of God.

* And?

- If the fish gets lost in the sea of God.

* And?

- If the bird picks up the fish.

* Amazing!


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