Little Dust

    Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen







    Few lies will remain

    And the ridiculous exaggerated praises of the poets

    For the dictatorial kings.

    Few sermons of the corrupted teachers

    And the stupid wives will remain,

    Few orders of administration to designate,

    Dismissal and expulsion,

    Few of the secret reports,

    The articles of insults, threats and intimidation.

    Few of the counterfeit victorious manifestos will remain,

    And the bloodstained military medals.

    Few of the lovers' bones will remain,

    Their hearts shattered by separation.

    Little of the beautiful women's beauty will remain,

    Little of the nudity at sea and in bed,

    Little of night, dawn, water and air,

    And few of the tears, dreams,

    The hallucinations and the nightmares

    And few of cries of the football and bullfighting fans.




    Few of childhood's memories will remain,

    The photos of the unhappy Christmas,

    The dreams of puberty,

    The love letters and the family photos.

    Few cries of the orchestra will remain,

    Few poems of boredom, admonishment, and waiting,

    Few clothes of the clown, the drummer and the female dancer,

    And few of the refugees' tears

    And their rusty boats that drown every day

    In God's oceans.

    Few of God's commandments will remain.



    Everything will turn to dust

    And little dust will remain, too!




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