1. Two Poems



    Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen







    The tree that I visit every day

    Where the bird's nest and at the end of the river,

    She has said, 'Because I am a holy myth

    And you are a myth whose crown and scepter

    Have been taken

    So the dialogue with you is unacceptable.

    And if it gets acceptable it will be useless'!


    The bird has said,

    The bird whose nest sleeps on the lonely tree,

    'Do not ask about my name

    Whether my name was crow or dove.

    But ask about your ship:

    Your ship that was left by Noah

    A long time ago

    And all the creatures had disembarked

    Happily from it.

    Whereas you stayed in it alone as death

    Waiting for the miracle:

    The ship sails




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